RESURRECTION BAY Guide For Reading Groups

1. Did you learn anything new by reading Resurrection Bay? Has it changed your ideas about anything, or confirmed them?

2. Caleb is a resourceful and stubborn character; do you think this stubbornness is something that has helped him in life, or hindered him? Both? Is his tenacity solely due to his deafness, or have other factors influenced him? Do you admire it, or are you frustrated by it?

3. What are the main ideas or themes explored in Resurrection Bay? Do you think the title reflects any of them?

4. Do you have a favourite passage that strikes you as insightful? Is there a particular piece of dialog or prose that you feel encapsulates any of the themes?

5. Do you feel that Caleb has changed by the end of the novel? If so, in what way? Has he learned anything about himself or the other people in his life? What about the other characters?

6. How does Resurrection Bay differ from other crime novels you’ve read? How is it similar?

7. Frankie tells Caleb that ‘There aren’t too many people in the world I love.’ Do you think that she really does love Caleb? How do you feel about Frankie?

8. The setting of the novel moves between the relative anonymity of a big city, and a small country town where everybody seems to know Caleb. Why do you think the novel has such contrasting locations?

9.Caleb obviously still loves Kat, and they get on well together. Why do you think separated? What do you think their marriage was like? Do you feel there are any particular scenes that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship? Do you think they might have a future together?

10. Resurrection Bay has a diverse range of characters, and includes a number of Indigenous Australian characters. Why do you think the author chose to write characters with such a wide range of backgrounds? Do you feel that Kat’s experiences parallel Caleb’s in any way?

11. Kat tells Caleb ‘every time you open your mouth you’re trying to pass’. What does she mean by this? Do you agree with her?

12. Although Caleb works hard at his lip-reading skills, he is most comfortable when using Auslan. Why do you think he chooses to lip-read most of the time? Is there any significance to the people with whom he chooses to sign? Caleb’s deafness presents problems for him, but can it also be beneficial for him at times? If so, can you think of any instances where his deafness has worked to his advantage?

13. Caleb and his brother, Anton, were once very close, playing tricks on the neighbours and signing in secret. Did you feel that their estrangement was Caleb’s fault or Anton’s? Was Caleb overly harsh towards his brother at times? Overly forgiving? Can you see an ongoing relationship between them, or will they drift apart again?

14. The scene in the warehouse is quite brutal. Why do you think the author chose to put Caleb in such a shocking situation? Can you see a better way for Caleb to have acted? What would you have done in the same situation?