This is crime fiction at its best. Emma Viskic deserves a place near, perhaps at the top of, the Australian crime writers’ league. Simon McDonald, POTTS POINT BOOKS

Viskic's descriptions of place are often so intense you can smell them. THE AGE

Viskic’s voice is strong and clear. A darkly beautiful, assured sequel: here’s hoping for more.  READINGS BOOKS

Emma Viskic is a terrific, gutsy writer with great insight into the murkiness of both criminal and heroic motivations. – Emily Maguire (AN ISOLATED INCIDENT)

Emma Viskic makes brave writing choices. Her characters are achingly real – the challenges they face are rarely simple. BOOKLOVER BOOK REVIEWS

But it’s not just Caleb that makes these books sing: it’s Viskic’s ability to make the small town of Resurrection Bay into a living, breathing thing...   – THE ADVERTISER

Emma Viskic again delivers her skilful touch of humanity in another gripping story – THE BIG ISSUE

Exquisite and powerful writing.READING, WRITING, REISLING

Regardless of where her plot leads, be it drug-running, police work, Aboriginal family relationships or medical conditions, her research lends authenticity to her work. ARTSHUB

Viskic writes powerfully and with compassion, setting the perfect pace to create a vortex that sucks you right into her world. NARRELLE M HARRIS

Viskic has knocked it out of the park with this one: unpredictable, immersive, and wildly original. Jack Heath

'...beautifully balanced characterisations, action and setting... Its setting is fictional, but feels real – a small town battling drugs and petty crimes; bored teenagers, and undercurrents of deeply ingrained racism while Aboriginal communities struggle for control of their own futures.NEWTOWN REVIEW OF BOOKS

Having enjoyed ‘Resurrection Bay’ the earlier Caleb Zelic mystery, there’s an unexpected pleasure in finding the sequel ‘And the Fire Came Down’ is even better. Tighter. Keenly observed. – SISTERS IN CRIME

AND FIRE CAME DOWN  is a gripping introduction to Caleb’s world, and to a PI who guards his heart fiercely, but gives it completely to those he cares most aboutPOP.ED.LIT

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