Winner, The Ned Kelly Best Debut

Winner, The Davitt Best Adult Novel

Winner, The Davitt Best Debut

Winner, The Davitt Readers' Choice

Best Crime Book of 2015, iBooks Australia

The Times Crime Book of the Month
This stunning debut deservedly won every prize for crime fiction in Australia last year. It is original and splendidly plotted with a harshness that nevertheless allows humour to intrude. –  THE TIMES Full review

This is a terrific book and the writing is sharp, punchy, visceral and propulsive . The story grabs you by the throat from the opening pages and it never once slackens its hold. But what really brings Resurrection Bay to vivid life is the integrity and humanity of its characters. I love the world that Emma Viskic has created, in all its complexity and in all its truth. More please! – Christos Tsiolkas (THE SLAP, BARRACUDA)

Resurrection Bay is an Australian thriller at its finest. A captivating read from first page to last. In Caleb Zelic, Viskic has created a character with depth and heart who will linger long after the final page.  – Jane Harper (THE DRY)

Viskic’s novel is a fine example of modern noir, a dark tale of crime, betrayals, secrets and bad decisions. Caleb is a compelling protagonist, equal parts tenacious, observant, proud and stubborn, but never unsympathetic ... a compelling, highly recommended read. 
Full review (Paywall)

...accomplished, original and utterly riveting – RAVEN CRIME READS
Full review

Pacy, violent but with a big, thundering heart... An outstanding debut – Eva Dolan (LONG WAY HOME)

Viskic's characterisation, dialogue and plotting are on par with some of the heavyweights of crime writing.
Full review

Viskic has written a rattling plot-driven thriller that  is not for the faint-hearted. It is, however, definitely one for those who appreciate a well-crafted sentence that never takes a predictable turn. There is much to admire here. – THE AGE
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Beautifully understated observations, and the sly, dry sense of humour dotted throughout Resurrection Bay are part of what make this debut novel a joy to read, especially as there is no overshadowing of story by character or vice versa. ... This is an outstanding debut novel from an author you’d hope is busy on the next instalment right now.
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I was guiltily desperate to skip ahead just to make sure the people I loved were going to make it through okay. – READINGS
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Resurrection Bay is a tour-de-force excursion into good, evil, and the labyrinth of human motivations. Emma Viskic has created a brilliant protagonist in the profoundly-deaf, and irrepressibly obstinate Caleb Zelic, and has produced one of the year’s best crime novels. – PAGES AND PAGES BOOKSELLERS
Rare is an author that can pen dialogue that does not at some point induce cringing or is so bland/robotic that it is skimmed. Viskic’s character dialogue is a pleasure to read — sharp, dry and attitudinal in all the right places, while mercifully void of hyperbole. - BOOKLOVER REVIEWS
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This is a highly enjoyable debut novel from Melbourne-based Viskic ... Caleb looks set for — and deserves — a series. Verdict: local hero. – THE HERALD SUN

This is pacey and intelligent storytelling and Viskic nails the 3 Ps of crime fiction - plot, place and people you believe in and care about. – P.M. NEWTON

In addition to crisp prose that conjures up film-quality scenes, Viskic creates a hero who’s a true original and a good person ...  Resurrection Bay is a stellar read that will appeal to fans of Peter Temple’s Jack Irish series. – iBOOKS

It’s the characterisations that make this a great read, that and the snappy dialogue. – ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

It is exciting to be introduced to a detective, Caleb Zelic, who is almost completely deaf. He is also profoundly human, with frailties which many readers would recognise in themselves... The dialogue in the novel is exceptional and is especially effective when it includes a touch of humour, which helps to leaven the disasters, fears and threats that permeate the plot. - ARTS HUB
Crime, danger, love, heartbreak, betrayal, murder, hope, violence, and enough surprises to keep you wolfing down the words right to the very end. – NARELLE HARRIS
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You will not forget this story, you will not forget this cast of characters. You will want to read the next in this series, I do. – READING WRITING RIESLING
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RESURRECTION BAY is sad and funny and thrilling and very, very good. It's even got a kicker of an ending. You should read it. Now. – FAIR DINKUM CRIME

Emma Viskic’s Resurrection Bay is a great one if you like to steamroll through a book right to the end. This thriller’s prose clips along as Caleb Zelic investigates the death of his business partner, turning up all kinds of trouble as he goes.  FRANKIE MAGAZINE

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