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Books and Arts with Amanda Smith. Listen here

Radio interview with 
Chris Womersley and Mel Cranenburgh on Triple R's Multi-Storied. Listen here at the 12 min mark

The Age
August 28th, 2016
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Booktopia's Ten Terrifying Questions. Wherein I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the embarrassing truth.

Talking about my early writing with Sophie Masson.Read more

Revealing my worrying use of ALL CAPS, and my secret muse to WordMothers.
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Talking with Booklover about diversity and the fear of tokenism.
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Over at Reading, Writing and Riesling, ten things you didn't know about me. At least one of which I should have kept secret. Read more


  1. This is lovely, and I so identify. I've just been going through my second draft, and cut a huge chunk out yesterday... I know it's not even necessary for the story, I know the characters are superfluous to the rest of those in the story. But I still put that huge chunk in a document by itself. Perhaps I'll be able to use it somewhere else.

    Thank you pointing me to the WoMentoring site, too. What a brilliant programme. And congratulations on your forthcoming publication!

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it. I always save my deleted scenes, too. Even if I never use them again, I like to think that they guided me to where I wanted to be.